Why do gym-goers around the world actually love indoor cycling so much? Honestly, many of the gyms we asked thought the answer was "because they love cycling." But in reality, it's the thrill of an intense cardio workout that keeps people coming back. Intelligent Cycling was founded several years ago as an online platform. The platform essentially consists of an ever-growing database of workouts: each workout includes a Spotify playlist for background music, as well as information on what intensity and heart rate to ride on the respective spinning bike at any given time in the music track. Initially, the display of these time-dependent values was done on a website and the workouts were guided by trainers at the gym. The desire for a more visual background and further elements of gamification grew. The self-declared goal: endurance sports must be so much fun that the exerciser forgets that he or she is sitting on a bike - this is where our team came into play. The product development resulted in a platform for high-quality indoor cycling workouts that is used by tens of thousands of private users and fitness studios in 91 countries. The workout catalog has grown to more than 30,000 workouts offered by a network of more than 5,000 dedicated trainers and top industry brands.

Gamification in endurance sports

The goal of Intelligent Cycling is to make the cardio unit a real pleasure. To achieve this, the software generates virtual worlds in real time that perfectly match the selected workout and the associated music playlist. The highlight is that the visuals never repeat. Even the same workout looks completely different each time it is repeated. To achieve this, the application makes use of an ever-growing pool of 3D objects, which are assembled into sixteen different virtual worlds, just like in a collage: And all this with one tap in the APP. The algorithm developed for "The Journey" is now even patent pending. A Bluetooth interface enables communication to the respective spinning wheel, so that hard data can be compared in addition to visual motivation. And now I invite you to try out the application for yourself: More info and a download option can be found at www.intelligent-cycling.com !