For two decades, the "Unreal" toolkit has been considered the best choice for photorealistic rendering of 3D applications in gaming, interactive media and the metaverse: imagination is the limit.

The Unreal Stuttgart team - b.ReX GmbH - offers contract development of real-time applications with the Unreal Engine from Epic Games: From product configurators to experiences in virtual and augmented reality to sales applications. And: In addition to pure programming, we have been organizing Unreal Meetups, Hackathons and events in the Stuttgart area since 2020. We bring the right players to the table when it comes to projects with the Unreal Engine. Our vision is a platform for everyone who does projects with Epic Games' Unreal Engine - or is looking for someone who can.

What can we do for you?


We perform custom development using the Unreal Engine, emphasizing a strong user-centric approach that is accompanied by communication.

Transfer of knowledge

Attend our meetups and hackathons to get to know the Unreal Engine and its uses better, as well as our team.

Software Architecture

Based on your requirements, we design the proper implementation using the Unreal tech stack and complementary tools for a smooth programming experience.

With the introduction of Unreal Engine 5, Epic Games enables the photorealistic rendering of virtual content with a virtually infinite level of detail. Technologically, Unreal-based solutions offer extreme advantages for many industries: Whether in mechanical or automotive engineering design, the visualization of complex simulations or the digitization of processes. Unreal is the framework for solving all problems in 3D space.

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Meeting and event dates

Anyone with an interest in the Unreal Engine can participate in the meetups, hackathons and events of "Unreal Stuttgart" free of charge. More information as well as photos and reviews can be found on the Meetup page.

Unreal Engine Stuttgart Meegameetup 2022_1

Virtual Production Technologien sind in aller Munde: Aber wie kann Unreal sinnvoll in einen VP-Workflow eingebunden werden und wann ist…

Unreal Engine Stuttgart Meegameetup 2021_4

Bei dieser ersten Auflage des Unreal Engine Megameetup Stuttgart wollen wir uns gegenseitig kennenlernen, über Technik und Projekte reden…


Want to collaborate on projects with Unreal and us? Let’s do something epic!

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Your questions about projects with Unreal - our answers

The engine is best suited for applications that display at least partially 3D content. Pure 2D applications like classic APPs are more efficient to develop with other technologies. In general, one can say that all visual applications that take place in three-dimensional space are optimally suited for implementation with Unreal. This includes games, sales applications, simulators, product configurators, virtual events or interactive media such as trade fair exhibits. In the meantime, Unreal is also used as a standard solution for visualization in the field of Big Data and architecture: And the first car manufacturers are also using Unreal as a solution for their entertainment systems (HMI).

For some years now, pre-visualization has been standard in Hollywood. Real-time technologies such as Unreal are often used for this purpose, as adjustments can be made immediately and without waiting time. Since Star Wars - The Mandalorian at the latest, the topic of virtual production has been on everyone's lips. Film sets are set up in a 360° LED panel environment: The Unreal Engine provides the extension of the physical set. Compared to classic filming in front of a green screen, this has the advantage that the self-luminous LEDs allow perfect reflections and natural lighting. Especially in the automotive sector, all reflections can be filmed directly with the camera, which saves a lot of time in post-production and provides an overall more realistic look in the image.

We are sure: Every industry can benefit from the use of real-time rendering. The Unreal Stuttgart team has already implemented projects in the fields of architecture, automotive, medical technology, e-mobility, sports, gamification, museums and trade fairs, and virtual events.

The Metahuman Toolkit was developed to create amazingly realistic virtual characters. These can be animated to act as brand ambassadors, for example, or used for high-quality storytelling. What's special about this is that the "uncanny valley" that often makes a virtual character seem comically robotic seems to have been overcome with this new technology. Resulting characters, combined with artificial intelligence (AI), are great to use as receptionists or virtual assistants, by the way.

Actually, the only way to answer this question is with a counter-question: When you buy a car, you have the choice between Smart and Lamborghini - which class should it be? Basically, it can be said that most projects are in the mid-five-figure range or higher on average: projects with a cultural or social focus or a very small scope, however, naturally also have outliers on the lower end.

One of the innovations in Unreal is the development with so-called Blueprints: Logic links that allow the developer to program visually. For smaller projects, logic operations can be developed very quickly and efficiently, and the end user will not notice any difference from "classically" written code. More complex applications, or applications that require extremely high optimization (e.g. in-car entertainment applications) are traditionally developed in C++, since the overhead in the program code can be kept smaller here.

The developed solutions are executable on all devices: Whether on desktop PC, Windows, Mac or mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets (Android and iOS apps). However, a suitable UI/UX design must be developed for each screen size to ensure usability for the end user. On older devices, a technology called Pixel Streaming allows the 3D content to be computed on a server in the cloud and then viewed as an interactive video stream on the device.

We would describe the metaverse as a virtual world where people can meet, exchange ideas and work collaboratively on topics or experience fantastic things. Unreal is considered to be the technology that makes the metaverse possible - games like "Fortnite" have long been much more than just games; through events like virtual pop or rock concerts, people meet friends there and experience virtual experiences.

The foundation for everything that is created is an extensive creation phase, where conceptual and design solutions to problems are developed through concept art and user-centered design. The 3D content can either be modeled and textured specifically for the project - allowing for highly customized visuals - or content can be acquired from databases, such as the Unreal Marketplace. 3D artists, designers and creative directors then implement the visual content in softwares such as Blender.

In the Stuttgart area, three universities, each with slightly different orientations, offer studies that include working with the Unreal Engine. The Hochschule der Medien (HdM) in Vaihingen takes a more technically oriented approach and offers versatile resources for students through its in-house Games Lab. The Macromedia University of Applied Sciences offers a wide-ranging course of study in the field of real-time applications and gamification with its Game Design program. And - for those who prefer to approach the topics from the creative and content side - the Film Academy in Ludwigsburg, which is one of the world's leading universities in the field of animation, entertainment and media, is certainly the best place to be.

Networking is the main focus of our Meetups. That's why there is only a short presentation at the beginning of the Meetup (anyone interested can submit and present topics for a presentation). Mostly case studies or specific developments made with Unreal are presented. Afterwards there will be cozy conversations with food and drinks.